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- ATF System


ATF Systems

( Low Shear Seperation Process)

The ATF(Alternating Tangential Flow) System provides an efficient means for fractionating a mixture or suspension of cells, molecules or other particulates.

ATF is a patented system with flow pattern of changing tangential flow through a filter that results in a more efficient filtration process. ATF is tenerated with a unique pump and control system. The pump is partitioned by a medical grade flexible diaphragm into two compartments, an Air(A) side and Liquid(L) side. Any change in volume in compartment A will cause an equivalent but opposite change of volume in the L compartment. Controlled flow of filtered air to or from compartment A provides the driving energy for the corresponding, but inverse, liquid flow in other compartment B, or between a vessel and ATF Pump through a filter module. In summary:

1. Pressure cycle - A Pressurizes by inward flow of air = Medium is expelled from L, through the HF Filter, to Vessel.

2. Exhaust cycle - A Exhausts by expulsion of air = L Expands by inflow of medium, through the Filter, form Vessel.




  • Sustain suspended animal or plant cells in continuous culutre
  • Sustain anchorage dependent cell cultures
  • medium exchange
  • Cell harvest
  • filtration of shear sensitive biomolecules
  • Concentration and diafiltration
  • Prefiltration, and clarification
  • Confined filtration of hazardous materials
  • Sanitary on-line continuous sample


  • Substantial reduction in operating costs
  • Filtered product stream
  • Increase product yield
  • Ease of use
  • Linear scale up from bench top to rpduction
  • Proven process
  • Customizable to user requirements


    Guideline Bioreactor Sizes and Scale-Up







Continuous Culture, etc*






Microcarrier Processes





Up to ~5000L

    *XD Process or Concentrated Fed-Batch



afATF System Brochure