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BioFlo Pro Customizable SIP Cell Culture Bioreactor

(75, 150, 300 & 650 Liters Total Volume)

Video: Critical Considerations for Selecting
a Fermentor or Bioreactor Vendor

Modular design easily adapts to changes in your process requirements.


New Brunswick Scientific has introduced BioFlo Pro Bioreactors - a new line of large-scale systems for cell culture. These advanced systems offer a unique solution for pilot through production-scale bioprocessing, combining quick delivery, dependable operation and system flexibility, all at an affordable price. NBS also offers a full range of BioFlo Pro systems for fermentation in 75 to 3,000L capacities.

Smart Sterile Design NBS has a thirty-year history of manufacturing large-scale bioreactors and fermentors. Our new fully modular BioFlo Pro Bioreactors are designed to meet a variety of process specifications with dependable operation and system flexibility. Design advantages include:


  • Small footprint to enable installation in tight spaces
  • Easy addition of options at your site, any time
  • Open piping frame for easy access during operation and routine maintenance
  • Flush-mounted vessel ports in strategic locations to enhance our sterile design
  • Specialized impellers for use in suspension and anchorage-dependent systems to increase yields

Premium Performance
We understand the importance of meeting demanding production schedules, so we've incorporated robust devices into the BioFlo Pro to minimize maintenance and downtime. For optimal performance our bioreactors offer:

  • Design adherence to cGMP and GaMP guidelines*
  • Quality components such as valves with an average lifetime of 5x106 cycles
  • Industry-standard PLC for easy integration into production environments
  • NEMA 4 -rated control cabinet with user-friendly touch-screen interface
  • Optional SCADA software packages for process control?

* Current Good Manufacturing Practice, and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

Unparalleled Support


New Brunswick Scientific offers training and a wide range of services to minimize start-up time and to provide ongoing support. Services and offerings include:

  • In-house cell culture labs to assist with process development, optimization and scale-up
  • Preventive maintenance and spare parts kits to simplify system upkeep
  • A variety of validation packages to shorten start-up time lines
  • Industry-standard components to ease parts replacement and maintenance
  • A worldwide network of service engineers to provide system support

BioFlo Pro Bioreactors: Nothing Comes Close
Only New Brunswick Scientific's BioFlo Pro offers all these advantages and much, much more.

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BioFlo Pro Bioreactor 75 - 300L Brochure


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