- Shakers

- Bioreactor System

- Fermentation System

- Disposable Bag System

- Clean In Place System

- Centrifuges CEPA

- Spinner Basket

  with FibraCel Disk

- Fibrastage with FibraCel Disk

- Air Sampler

- Agar Sterilizer

- Freezer

- CO2 Incubator

- Platinum-Cured Silicone

- Sterile Tubing Welders

- ATF System




Sani-Matic Clean In Place Systems automatically control wash programs for cleaning tanks, piping and other process equipment. Sani-Matic has vast experience with a wide variety of designs to address specific applications, and optimize cleaning performance with the lowest long term operating costs.

The patented Sani-Matic Ultra Flow CIP System is an innovative CIP design that is self-cleaning and performs as a recirculated system. It is very flexible to change volumes, flow rate, and pressures depending upon sizing of different line circuits or spray devices in process vessels. The eductor return system draws solutions back to the system without need for a return pump, and air can be returned in solution without causing cavitation due to the venturi design. This ensures complete drainage of vessels, eliminating pooling in the bottom of tanks. The Ultraflow CIP utilizes very low water volumes and is available in both portable and fixed place designs for a wide variety of applications.




Sani-Matic will assist you in evaluating which design best suits your plants operation.

-CIP Features

afSingle or multi use design

afIntegrated controls

afEasy to use program editor

afEfficient design & operation