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-86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers


New Brunswick Scientific's ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers are energy efficient, quiet running and reliable, with a 25-year track record of providing safe and dependable sample storage. We offer ten models and two product ranges to accommodate a wide variety of needs:

Innova® ULT laboratory freezer utilize Vacuum Insulation Panel technology, to provide up to 30% more internal capacity than conventionally-insulated freezers, without increasing the external dimensions. Our Premium ULT lab freezers are high-quality and full-featured, using conventional polyurethane insulation to provide a cost-effective alternative. No matter which model you choose, we have the right freezer to meet your needs. For details, click one of the three selections below.

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Innova ULT Laboratory Freezers

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Premium ULT Laboratory Freezers

NEW Slender Innova U360 Lab Freezer

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