- Shakers

- Bioreactor System

::Autoclavable Bioreactors   Technology

   CelliGen 115 Bioreactor

   CelliGen 310 Bioreactor

::Sterilizable-in-Place   Bioreactors  

   CelliGen 510 Bioreactor

   BioFlo Pro Bioreactor

- Fermentation System

- Disposable Bag System

- Clean In Place System

- Centrifuges CEPA

- Spinner Basket

  with FibraCel Disk

- Fibrastage with FibraCel Disk

- Air Sampler

- Agar Steinlizer

- Freezer

- CO2 Incubator

- Platinum-Cured Silicone

- Sterile Tubing Welders

- ATF System


Cell Culture Systems

New Brunswick Scientific offers state-of-the art cell culture bioreactors for R&D through production applications. All NBS bioreactors are suitable for mammalian, animal, plant, algae, and insect cell culture. Additionally, NBS benchtop may also be converted for cell culture applications through addition of optional components. Set-up and start-up assistance is included with all NBS cell culture systems (excluding FibraStage, BioFlo 110 and Spinner Basket). Optional software packages, training packages, validation services, and contract services are also available.





disposable cell culture system Fibrastage
(500 mL)

BioFlo/CelliGen 115
(1.3 to 14 Liters)

CelliGen 510
(19.5 to 40 Liters)

microcarrier disks
Spinner Basket

cell cultures
CelliGen 310
(2.2 to 14 Liters)

BioFlo Pro
(75 to 300 Liters)