Automated Media Preparation
Agar Sterilizer and Dish Filler

Media Sterilizer

The development of the self-stacking dish filler in 1980 has made it possible for thousands of laboratories the world over to automate the labor-intensive operations of aseptic plate preparation. Thanks to the MP-1000 PourMatic®, up to 320 plates can be poured and stacked in about 20 minutes without operator intervention. Coupled with the MM9 MediaMatic™ sterilizer, diagnostic plates can be produced automatically, whenever needed, eliminating large inventories of refrigerated plates.

The PourMatic not only saves time and labor, but also produces superior quality agar plates with virtually no contamination. Plates are processed at the rate of 15 dishes per minute, and high quality agar is further assured by the rapid pouring time as well as the slow stirring speed and shortened exposure to high temperature. In-house media making has become so simple today that laboratories can produce agar plates whenever needed without having to stockpile prepared plates for long periods, or to re-melt unused agar.

MP-1000 is an automated dish-filling system that produces high quality agar plates at low cost. In only 20" (52 cm) of bench space, this self-stacking automated dish filler pours up to 900 plates per hour or 320 plates per carousel. Without operator intervention, the PourMatic aseptically dispenses agar into 100 or 60 mm Petri dishes and stacks the sterile plates in a carousel for cooling. Since PourMatic has a 15-year record of dependable operation, it has become a standard in clinical and Q.C. laboratories throughout the world. With a variety of technological advanced features, the MP-1000 ensures a high degree of reliability under continuous operation year after year.


  • In-house automated system pours and stacks 320 plates in 20 minutes (900 plates/hr).
  • Dish filling operation is virtually unattended; signals alarm at end of process.
  • Self-stacking dish filler aseptically dispenses measured amounts of sterile agar.
  • Prepare fresh plates whenever needed and eliminate storage and delivery problems.
  • Specialized plates prepared quickly on demand.
  • Tubing loads in seconds with cam-action pump lever.
  • Dispense volumes adjustable from 5 mL to 40 mL per plate.
  • Optical sensing of dish position improves reliability and reduces maintenance.
  • User keys-in actual dispensing volume.
  • Programmed plate vibrations attain smooth, uniform and bubble-free agar.
  • Dispense area protected by dust cover and germicidal lamp that eliminates contamination.
  • Membrane-touch pad easily wiped clean.
  • Needs only 20" (52 cm) of bench space.
  • Easier clean up with spill channel conveying waste to pullout catch basin.
  • Adaptable for pouring bi-plates with optional bi-plate dispensing kit.


  • Dish carrier speed can be reduced for gentle transfer of larger volume plates without spillage and increased for rapid production rates.
  • Tubing loads in seconds with single-pump lever - needs no screws or tools.
  • User selected cooling time.
  • Optional printer for plate coding with no increase in process time.


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