- Shakers

::Incubator Shakers, Benchtop

   Innova 40 & 40R

   Innova 4200 & 4230

   Innova Excella E24 & E24R

::Incubator Shakers, Stackable

   Innova 4200 & 4230

   Innova 44 & 44R

   Innova I Series I-26 & I-26R

::Incubator Shakers, Console

   Innova 43 & 43R

   Innova 44 & 44R

   Innova Excella E25 & E25R

   Innova I Series I-26 & I-26R

   Innova 4900 Multi-Shaker

::Open Air Shakers, Benchtop

   Innova 2000, 2100 & 2300

   Excella E1, E2, E5 & E10

::Open Air Shakers, Multi-Tier

   Innova 5000 Shaker

   Innova 5050 Racking Sys

::Water dath Shakers

   Innova 3100

   C-Line C76


   Platforms & Clamps

- Bioreactor System

- Fermentation System

- Disposable Bag System

- Clean In Place System

- Centrifuges CEPA

- Spinner Basket

  with FibraCel Disk

- Fibrastage with FibraCel Disk

- Air Sampler

- Agar Sterilizer

- Freezer

- CO2 Incubator

- Platinum-Cured Silicone


- Sterile Tubing Welders


- ATF System



Biological Shakers


New Brunswick Scientific laboratory shakers are known the world over for
Space-Saving, Stackable Innova 44 Shakers dependable operation and innovative design. Now, with more than 40 models available, you can choose the perfect shaker to suit your needs.

Our top-of-the-line Innova Lab Shakers feature the NBS triple-eccentric drive for uniform motion and superb reliability under the most adverse conditions. With lab space at a premium, NBS can offer several stackable models, to help you maximize your space.


Space-Saving, Stackable Innova 44 Shakers


Also recently introduced are our new Excella Shakers: excellent performance and value for less demanding applications; the new I-26 stackable incubator shaker with triple-eccentric drive; and a water bath shaker from our Classic C-Line. A wide range of platforms and accessories are also offered. Innova® Laboratory Shakers

Quality. Reliability. Convenience. New Brunswick Shakers are used in more laboratories, the world over, than any other biological shaker; and our top-of-the-line Innova models are the best-selling in the industry. Here are just a few of the many reasons why:

  • Innovative designs and unparalleled fabrication provide you with day-in and day-out worry-free operation, often for decades of continuous use.
  • Advanced microprocessor controls ensure reproducible results and operator convenience.
  • "Set it and forget it" programming in our newest models enable you to store and recall multiple parameter - multi-step recipes for convenient, automated operation.
  • Numerous safety features are built in to protect you, your cultures and your shaker.
  • We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry: 3 years on parts and 2 years on labor for the entire machine! (Accessories, like light banks, carry a one-year warranty)
  • We offer the largest selection of lab shakers in the industry - over 20 models in our Innova line alone, to meet virtually any culturing or molecular biology application.
Excella Laboratory Shakers

Excella Shakers
NBS Quality For Budget-Restricted Labs
Our Excella shakers are designed for lighter workloads, with a more limited range of options. While these microprocessor-controlled shakers may not offer all the advanced features or specifications of the Innova models, they are affordably priced and offer an excellent alternative when budget constraints are an issue. A wide range of platforms and accessories is also available.

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