Innova Open Air Shakers
Innova 2000, 2100 & 2300 Series

Laboratory Shakers Innova Open Air Shakers
For shaking in ambient conditions: on the bench, in an incubator or in a warm or cold room, the Innova Platform Shakers are the instrument of choice. Six ruggedly-built models provide reliable, continuous-duty shaking of test tubes and flasks to 6 Liters.

Unique Advantages
  • Low Profile - Less than 6" (15 cm) Tall enables use of multiple shakers in an incubator or environmental chamber
  • Optional, Oversize Platforms and Stabilizer Kits Increase Capacity by 45%. Models 2050, 2150 and 2350 are factory-ready. Field conversion kits are also available to stabilize the shaker when increasing capacity of a Model 2000 to a 2050, 2100 to 2150, or 2300 to 2350.?
  • Agitation 25 - 500 rpm, ±1 rpm
  • Optional Temperature/Speed Monitoring Kit with RTD sensor displays and records process values. Innova 2100 & 2300 Series only. Catalog No. M1190-9909.
  • Space-Efficient, Four-Tier Racking System is available to house up to eight Model 2300 shakers
Lab Shakers , Innova 5050 Benchtop Innova Lab Shaker

The Innova Model 5050 racking system saves valuable floor space by stacking up to four Model 2300 shakers on sturdy stainless-steel shelves. Shown with extension rack, Model 5051, for housing a total of eight shakers. Built-in electric outlet provides convenient power source for shakers, which are sold separately.


Gain extra flask capacity by selecting Models 2050 (shown), 2150 or 2350, each offering oversize platforms and stablizing kit. Available factory-ready or with a field conversion kity to upgrade from a Model 2000, 2100 or 2300, respectively.