Innova 3100 Water Bath Shakers

Water Bath Shaker, Innova 3100Temperature control is exceptionally precise using the Innova Model 3100 lab shaker. This automated water bath shaker is ideal for culturing a wide range of cell types at temperatures up to 100ºC, as well as for staining, destaining and hybridization protocols.

Larger-capacity than many water bath shakers, the Innova 3100 easily accommodates gel trays (shown below), tubes and flasks (shown right).

Water Bath Shaker accepts gel traysUnique Advantages
  • Adjustable Level Control Automatically Replenishes Evaporated Water, maintaining desired level without monitoring or refilling. Water-in and drain lines are each fitted with control valves to simplify cleaning, filling and complete draining
  • Temperature Range of 5°C Above Ambient to 100°C provides for a wide range of laboratory work, using molecular and cell biology protocols. (Elevated temperatures attained with aid of an optional gable cover and with a bath liquid with a high boiling point to minimize evaporation)
  • Optional Cooling Coil extends the range of applications to near and below ambient conditions
  • Temperature Precisely Controlled within ±0.1°C in 30 - 40°C range
  • Speed Range, 25 - 400 rpm, ±1 rpm
  • Orbit: 1/2" (1.3cm) diameter orbit?
  • Acceleration Circuit Builds Up Speed Gradually, avoiding sudden starts and unwanted splashing
  • Deep Bath with Rounded Corners and Baffles Allows Elevated Speeds with minimal turbulence or splashing
  • One-Piece Seamless Bath is crevice-free, easy to keep clean; rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Heat Loss and Evaporation Minimized with use of optional Plexiglas or stainless-steel gable covers
  • Optional Mobile Cart, or Space-Saving Dolly that Fits Under Benches and desks, are available for use where bench space is limited
Gable Cover for Water Bath Shaker
Optional Plexiglas Gable Cover minimizes evaporation & speeds heat-up, in applications up to 60°C.
Gable Cover, Water Bath Shaker
For high-temperature applications up to 100°C, choose the stainless steel Gable Cover.
Accessory Platforms, Water Bath Shaker
Half-size platforms with clamps already mounted, provide maximum capacity for shaking different sized flasks on a single water bath shaker.
Shaker Capacity Chart
Flask Size (mL) Dedicated Platform Universal Platform
50 31 18
125 22 18
250 13 8
500 8 6
1000 6 4
2000 2 2

Accessory Racks for Test Tubes
Test Tube Capacity (mm) Racks Per Bath Tubes Per Rack
13 4 60
16 4 36
20 4 29
25 4 18