Large-Capacity Incubator Shakers with Refrigeration Option
Innova 43 & 43R: Ready When You Are!

Laboratory Incubator Shaker Innova 43
Innova 43 Series incubated & refrigerated, console-style lab shakers accommodate flasks up to 6 Liters. Interchangeable platforms, sized 30" x 18" (76 x 46 cm) and choice of 1" (2.54 cm) or 2" (5.1 cm) orbits are offered.

Innova 43 Incubator Shakers and Innova 43R with added refrigeration are the perfect choice for handling large quantities of cultures with precision and ease. These large-capacity laboratory shakers accept glassware up to 6 liters, and come with a programmable controller to automate parameter changes on the basis of time. Choice of 1" or 2" orbits, and options for humidity probe, gassing and UV germicidal light are just a few of the many available options.

User Friendly

  • Ready When You Are. Automatically ramp temperature up, so your study can get started when you arrive in the lab. Speed up, slow down or stop agitation on a timed basis. Or let your shaker place your cultures in metabolic stasis until you're ready to attend to them. It's all possible with our easy-to-use programmable controller. Optional photosynthetic lighting and UV decontamination are also programmable on Model 43R
  • Controls for Entering & Viewing Setpoints are Exceptionally Easy-to-Use. Display is clearly visible from all angles, across the room, and in the dark
  • Output Signal to RS232 Enables Data Logging and Computer Control
  • Timed Studies Can Be Programmed for Automatic Agitation Shut-Off. End-of-study alarm & status light can be deactivated for continuous operation
  • Audible and Visible Alarms alert the user to setpoint deviations. Audible alarm can be muted
  • Multi-Function Reservoir humidifies chamber to reduce sample evaporation and protect unit from spills. Built-in drain facilitates clean up.
  • Electronics & Mechanical Components Are Enclosed, Protected From Accidental Spills
  • Automatic Restart After Power Interrupt with Non-Volatile Memory keeps studies running smoothly
  • NBS Shakers Are the Quietest-Running In the Industry providing a more favorable work environment
  • A Wide Variety of Interchangeable Accessory Platforms are available to accommodate gel trays, culture tubes and flasks. Platforms from previous NBS model shakers can be used
  • Easy Opening Lids. Foot pedal assist provides hands-free operation
  • Casters Facilitate Mobility
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Programmable controller automates parameter changes on a timed basis. Holds up to 4 programs, 15 steps each. Can eliminate unnecessary return trips to the lab, automates heat inductions and more.   Large, easy-to-read display screen clearly shows operating parameters and actual value. Displayed parameters can be selected by user. A single knob selects all operating conditions easily and quickly. Screen size: 23/4" x 5" (6.98 x 12.7 cm)
Culture Friendly
  • Microprocessor Controls With Self-Correcting PI Feedback precisely regulate speed, running time, and incubation, as well as optional refrigeration, photosynthetic lighting and UV decontamination
  • Uniform and Precise Temperature Control: ±0.1°C with uniformity of ±0.25°C at 37°C
  • Expanded Temperature Range Eliminates Need to Order a More Expensive High-Temperature Model
    Innova 43: 5°C above ambient to 80°C
    Innova 43R: 15°C below ambient to 80°C*
    (* Minimum temperature 4°C)
  • Speed Range: 25 - 500 rpm (±1 rpm) Provides Versatility for Culturing a Wide Range of Cell Types
  • Unique Acceleration - Deceleration Circuit prevents sudden starts and stops. Minimizes mechanical damage for longer shaker life. Eliminates flask closure wetting which would otherwise interfere with oxygen transfer

Safe & Durable

  • NBS' Often Imitated, But Never Duplicated Triple-Eccentric Drive is precisely counterbalanced to impart smooth, uniform motion to all flasks regardless of their position on the platform. Ensures dependable day-in and day-out performance
  • Open-Door Cutout Switch stops agitation when chamber is open
  • Thermostat Fail-Safe shuts off heaters if high limit is exceeded
  • Cool-Running Brushless Motor never requires lubrication; and provides years of long life
  • cETLus Certified. Meets CSA, UL and CE standards
  • Comprehensive Warranty - Covers three-years on parts and two years on labor


  • Refrigeration - select Model Innova 43R
  • Orbit - select 1" or 2" orbit
  • Humidity Probe - monitors humidity levels throughout your process
  • 12-Port Gassing Manifold - permits direct gassing into flasks or other vessels
  • Ultraviolet Light - a germicidal lamp in the airflow path outside the chamber reduces the bio-burden of circulated air on Model Innova 43R only
  • Programmable Photosynthetic Light Bank - is available for Innova 43R only
  • Stationary Accessory Basket - clips to the side wall, to enable incubating/refrigerating plates or other glassware
  • Validation Packages Available