Innova 44 & Refrigerated 44R: Nothing Else Stacks Up

New Brunswick Scientific's Innova 44 Series Lab Shakers can be stacked up to three units high (as shown), tripling the capacity of space usually occupied by a single shaker. Innova Model 44 offers incubation, while Innova Model 44R adds refrigeration.


  • Space-Saving Door glides up and out of your way
  • Slide-Out Platform provides easy access to all samples
  • Intuitive Programming allows multiple parameter changes-temperature, speed, photosynthetic lights* and UV light decontamination*. All are easily changed on a timed basis. Ideal for heat inductions or temperature reductions to slow growth, eliminating unnecessary trips back to the lab
  • Double-Pane, Thermal Glass provides excellent insulation and clear observation of cultures
  • Interior Chamber Light enhances observation
  • Multi-Function Reservoir humidifies chamber to reduce sample evaporation and protect unit from spills. Built-in drain facilitates clean up
  • Pull-Out Service Module allows convenient access to all electronic and heating/cooling components
* Optional accessories


  • NBS Renowned Triple-Eccentric Gyrotory® Drive provides smooth, uniform motion to cultures, while ensuring long shaker life and quiet operation. Others may claim to utilize a similar design, but only NBS' drive is built on a cast-iron base, with shafts machined to tolerances within 0.0002" (0.00051 cm)
  • Extremely Rugged Construction built with high-quality materials for years of continuous, worry-free operation
  • Audible and Visible Alarms alert user to speed and temperature deviations
  • Backed by an Industry-Leading Warranty and factory-trained field service support


  • Superior Air Circulation System with low-watt-density resistance heaters for rapid temperature equilibration and excellent uniformity
  • Precisely-Regulated Temperature, ranging from +5ºC above ambient to 80ºC (-20ºC below ambient to 80ºC for Innova 44R); accurate within ±0.1ºC
  • Dynamic Speed Range from 25 to 400 rpm controlled within ±1 rpm
  • Timed Shaking from 0.1 to 99.9 hours, or continuous shaking
  • RS-232 Computer Interface allows remote data logging and program control using standard lab management software
  • Heavy-Duty Door Gasket maintains a leak-free seal and ensures excellent temperature uniformity
  • Extra-Large Chamber holds flasks up to 5 liters
Stackable Laboratory Incubator Shaker Innova 44
Three shakers fit in the space of one! Glide up doors and slide-out platforms (shown on center shaker), provide easy access to all flasks.


Innova 44 Display Screen
Large*, easy-to-read display screen clearly shows operating parameter and actual value. Displayed parameters can be selected by user. A single knob selects all operating conditions easily and quickly.
* Screen measures 2¾" x 5" (6.98 x 12.7 cm)
Programmable controller allows multiple-step parameter changes, eliminating unnecessary trips back to the lab.
Innova 44 Stackable Shaker
All electronics are easily accessed from the front of the shaker, eliminating the need to de-stack units for service. This side-view photo shows service module partially extended.

Shaker Capacity Chart

Flask Size (mL) Dedicated Platform Universal Platform
50 N/A 91
125 60 39
250 40 30
500 24 24
1000 15 14
2000 12 8
2800 6 6
4000 6 6
5000 N/A 6*