Innova 4900

This environmentally-controlled chamber is designed to culture dozens, and even hundreds, of samples on up to four independently- controlled shakers. Heavy-duty shakers are ordered separately, to accommodate your specific needs. The system includes programmable regulation of heat, refrigeration and humidification as standard; photosynthetic operation is optional.

Innova 4900 (right) accessorized with four shakers with slide out platforms. The large glass door and illuminated chamber (with on-off switch) makes it easy to view all cultures in this space-saving multi-tiered system.

Unique Advantages

  • Operates One to Four Shakers, Simultaneously. Agitation is Individually Controlled on Each Shaker; and each can be individually programmed to start up or shut off at a pre-set time. Accessory shakers with choice of 1" or 2" (2.5 or 5.1 cm) orbit sold separately
  • Versatile System Converts from an Antibiotic Screening Facility to a Photosynthetic Chamber; from a warm-room environment to a cold room
  • Temperature Range 20°C below ambient to 60°C. Minimum setpoint is 4°C
  • Agitation 25 - 400 rpm with 1" (2.5 cm) stroke or 25 to 300 rpm with 2" (5.1 cm) stroke, ±1 rpm
  • Humidity Controller Minimizes Evaporation of cultures by injecting vapor into the chamber atmosphere
  • Powerful Heater and Fan Provide Rapid Heat-Up Capability and Temperature Uniformity throughout the chamber
  • Computer-Compatible For Automated Setpoint Changes using optional software package*. Program agitation on-off cycling, humidity control, multiple-temperature changes and photosynthetic lighting sequences on the basis of time
  • Accommodates Up to Two Optional High-Intensity Photosynthetic Light Manifolds with Programmable Temperature and Light Controller. Dual-channel, 24-event per channel time, switches lamps on/off automatically and switches between two temperatures (without the aid of an external computer.) Multiple light programs may be established for each day of the week, each with a different cycle length (1 min. to 24 hrs.) and each operating at a choice of two temperatures
  • Thermally-Insulated, Electrically-Heated Glass Door** with double-pane tempered glass minimizes heat loss and condensation; permits clear observation, minimizing the need to open the chamber
  • Choice of Lift-Out or Slide-Out Accessory Platforms for easy access to all size flasks from 10 mL to 6 L. Sliding platforms (shown above) glide in place and lock down without tools. Lift-out platform recommended for high humidity applications
* Requires computer and BioCommand® Plus or BioCommand® Lite software. For photosynthetic work, additionally requires light manifolds
** Standard door is hinged on left side, but is reversible to fit any room layout