Model 5000

This industrial workhorse is designed to uniformly shake hundreds of samples, day-in and day-out, under the extreme conditions of an environmental room. New engineering concepts in load balancing minimize stress and vibrations, even when fully loaded and running at the maximum speed of 350 rpm. Innova 5000 accepts hundreds of samples on up to six accessory platforms. As pictured, platforms are cantilevered from a central column to provide easy access to all glassware, and lock in place without tools. The control module may be mounted centrally on the base (as shown) or may be wall mounted.

Unique Advantages
  • Three-Tiered Shaker Simultaneously Agitates Hundreds of Samples on Up to Six Large-Capacity Platforms*
  • 2" (5.1 cm) circular orbit is that most commonly used in screening studies
  • Agitation 25 - 500 rpm, ±1 rpm
  • Cantilevered Platforms Provide Unobstructed Access to All Flasks. Accepts 10 mL to 4L flasks on lower two tiers; and flasks up to 6 L on the top tier
  • Removable Control Module Can Be Panel Mounted or Positioned Remotely Outside the Chamber. Fiber-optic link provides remote monitoring and control capability up to 100 ft. (30.5 m) away; eliminates both electrical "noise" interference as well as the need for bulky electrical wires
  • Precisely Balanced, Extremely Stable Shaker Mechanism with Massive Cast-Iron Base Need Not be Bolted to the Floor
  • Four Cushioned Idlers Mounted to the Corners of the Base Stabilize the Shaker, Ensure Uniform Motion without undue strain or structure fatigue
  • Designed with the Aid of Computer Stress Analysis Tests, the structure has been built to withstand a lifetime of continuous shaking regardless of the workload
  • Agitation is precisely maintained between 25 and 350 rpm even with line voltage fluctuations as high as ±10%
  • Cool-Running Motor has no appreciable affect on chamber temperature, making it well-suited to environmental rooms
  • Elimination of commutators and motor brushes minimize wear and maintenance
  • Optional Output Signal Can Be Provided for Recording Speed on an external chart recorder