Accessory Platforms, Test Tube Racks & Clamps

NBS offers a variety of options for safely securing test tubes, flasks and plates to your shaker. The platforms shown are available in a range of sizes and represent the various styles and finishes available. For platform dimensions, or to identify how many flask clamps each platform holds, see our Capacity Chart PDF.

  1. azc
    Universal Platform
    Dedicated Platform
    Test Tube Racks
    Microplate Holders
    The Universal Platform provides the flexibility for mixing different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Numerous mounting holes allow you to add and interchange clamps and test tube racks, at your discretion. Clamps and racks sold separately.
  2. If using a single flask size only, Dedicated Platforms provide maximum capacity, and come with clamps installed.
  3. Utility Carrier includes two adjustable bars and non-skid rubber mat.
  4. Utility Tray, for low-speed applications, allows quick addition or removal of flasks, plates or tubes. A non-skid rubber mat is provided.
  5. Sticky Tape and Sticky Pad are an alternative to flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Both are ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps. With flasks, these products can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 RPM depending on orbit diameter, flask size and load. Sticky Tape comes in a roll, 16.4' (5 m) long x 1.6 (4 cm) wide and can be used several times before losing its adhesive properties. Sticky Pad is 20 cm x 20 cm (7.9 inches square) and can be re-generated to like-new condition by washing with mild detergent and water. Neither can be used in water baths. For best performance, Sticky Pad should be used on an anodized aluminum substrate. NBS offers three such platforms in the most popular sizes and an Adapter Kit which can be used on most existing painted platforms.
  6. Test Tube Racks have an adjustable angle and tube height support. Made from stainless steel with inserts to help retain tubes and prevent them from spinning in rack. Finger-tight knobs let you quickly adjust angle or release rack from base plate for easy transport to the bench.
  7. Microplate Holders available in two styles. The single layer style will hold five standard or deep well plates. The stacked plate style will hold up to nine standard or 3 deep well plates. Both holders are used with Universal Platforms.