Classic C-Line C76 Water Bath Shaker

laboratory water bath shaker, Model C76
Model C76 Water Bath Shaker with optional gable cover.

Model C76 is a ruggedly built controlled-temperature water bath shaker designed for continuous-duty orbital shaking, 24 hours a day, year-in and year-out. Microprocessor-controlled, the C76 achieves self-correcting feedback control of temperature and shaker speed. The advanced design comprises pushbutton setpoints, self-diagnostic status lights and alarms that warn of any functional deviation from control tolerances. With a broad speed range from 50 to 300 rpm, the C76 imparts gentle stirring for hybridization and gel staining, and the growth of shear-sensitive cells, as well as vigorous agitation and aeration for intense growth of bacterial cultures.

Microprocessor Control
The C76 microprocessor controller compensates automatically for changes in workload and voltage to maintain setpoints and control tolerances with unusual precision. In the event of a power outage, the C76 retains all of its memory, restarting automatically after power is restored.

Gable Cover, C76 Water Bath Shaker
Gable Cover, C76 Water Bath Shaker
(Left) Plexiglas gable cover option for rapid heat-up to 60º
(Right) Optional stainless steel gable cover for high temperature applications.

Accessory Platforms, C76 Water Bath Shaker
Cooling Coil, Gable Cover, C76 Water Bath Shaker
(Left) Half-size platforms offer shaking versatility.
(Right) Optional cooling coil for low temperature applications.


  • Deep drawn bath, Gable Cover, C76 Water Bath Shaker
    Deep drawn round-cornered water bath fabricated of heavy gauge stainless steel without seams or crevices. Front and rear snap-in baffles, which minimize splashing, have been removed to show details.
    Microprocessors lock onto precise speed and temperature
  • Temperature-controlled within ± 0.5º over a range from 7ºC above ambient to 80ºC
  • Powerful eccentric drive with variable speed AC motor built for continuous use
  • One-piece seamless bath of heavy gauge stainless steel with rounded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Acceleration circuit prevents sudden starts and splashing
  • Large capacity water bath accommodates flasks, tubes and dishes for culturing, staining, destaining and hybridization. Full and half-size accessory platforms are available