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   Innova Excella E24& E24R

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   Innova 4200 & 4230

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   Innova I Series I-26 & I-26R

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   Innova 44 & 44R

   Innova Excella E25 & E25R

   Innova I Series I-26 & I-26R

   Innova 4900 Multi-Shaker

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Excella 24 & 24R

Excella Benchtop Incubator Shakers


Laboratory Incubator Shaker Excella E24
Benchtop E24 / E24R accept a wide variety of accessories and flasks to 2.8 liters.

Excella temperature-controlled lab shakers are available with choice of incubation only or incubation with added refrigeration. Benchtop E24 incubator shaker and E24R with added refrigeration accommodate test tubes or flasks up to 2.8 liters in a tightly-sealed growth chamber, featuring a clear acrylic lid for excellent visibility of all samples.

  • Temperature Range:
    E24: 7°C above ambient to 60°C.
    E24R: 15°C below ambient to 60°C.
    Minimum setpoint 4°C
  • Agitation: 50 - 400 rpm, ± 2 rpm
  • Orbit: 3/4" (1.9 cm) diameter orbit
  • Uniform Temperature Control provided by self-correcting microprocessor feedback control and tightly constructed chamber. High-velocity fans ensure rapid thermal recovery
  • Temperature & Speed Can Be Calibrated via keypad
  • Crystal Clear Lid Provides Excellent Visibility minimizing the need to open the chamber; lifts out of the way for easy accessibility to samples
  • RS-232 Provided for Data Logging.
  • Safety Features include automatic cut out of shaker when lid is opened to protect operator; and fail-safe thermostat that turns off heat if high-temperature limit is exceeded to protect cultures