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I 26 and Refrigerated I 26R

Space-Saving, Stackable Incuabtor Shakers


NBS' I 26 Shakers can be stacked up to three units high in about the same space normally occupied by a single shaker! As configured above, two shakers on a medium-height base.

New Brunswick Scientific now offers two new space-saving incubator shakers. Based on the design concepts of the industry leading Innova® Shaker Series, the new I 26 and refrigerated I 26R offer excellent performance, value priced.

These advanced shakers feature NBS' Innova Triple-Eccentric Drive for dependable operation under even the most extreme conditions. Each I 26 shaker is independently controlled, so you can vary temperature, speed and agitation. Heavy-duty construction ensures that units can be safely stacked without vibration.


  • Dynamic Speed and Temperature Range for culturing shear-sensitive cells as well as robust bacterial cultures. Temperature from 5°C above ambient to 60°C for I 26 and from 15°C below ambient for I 26R. Speed 25 to 400 RPM with a 1 (2.5 cm) diameter orbit.
  • Microprocessor Control to Regulate Speed, Temperature and Running Time. Timer can be set up to 99.9 hours or operate continuously.
  • Audible and Visual Alarms alert user of setpoint deviations.Audible alarm may be muted.
  • User-Friendly Keypad with Large Display. Easy to enter setpoints and view operating conditions. Display is clearly visible from all angles, across the room and in all lighting conditions.
  • Smooth and Quiet Running for a more favorable work environment.
  • Cool-Running Brushless Motors never require lubrication and provide years of long life.
  • Large (18 x 30) Interchangeable Accessory Platforms slide out easily while accommodating a wide range of accessories and flasks up to 2.8 liters.
  • Powerful Fan and Heater provide rapid heat up and temperature recovery after door opening.
  • RS232 Interface for Data Logging directly to your PC.
  • Sub Platform Protects Components by deflecting liquid from accidental spills.
  • Comprehensive Warranty - Two years on parts and labor.
  • Celtus Certified - Meets CSA, UL and CE standards.


  • Platforms, Clamps and Racks sold separately.
  • Stacking Kit - Used to join two shakers. One kit required for two shakers. Two kits required for stacking three shakers.
  • Bases - Used to raise height for easier access.
    • Short Base - recommended for three shakers.
    • Medium Base - recommended for two shakers.
    • Tall Base - recommended for one shaker