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Spinner Basket with Fibra-Ce Support


Producing milligram to gram quantities of secreted protein or high virus titer from suspension, insect or recombinant anchorage-dependent cells (including primary cells)

  • Immobilizes cells on Fibra-Cel disks while secreted proteins are easily harvested with the medium
  • Cultivates hybridomas, recombinant adherent cell lines and insect cells all in one system.
  • Eliminates the need to pass cells - saving time and labor.
  • Longer culture times - Up to 30 days continuously.
  • Simplifies harvesting and purification - No need to separate cells

  • Acheives higher cell densities than conventional spinners: > 107 cells per cm3 of bed volume
  • Low pressure drop across Fibra-Cel bed allows for high mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen at high cell densities
  • Cells can be grown with many types of serum-free media
  • Able to grow primary cells
  • Provides maximum 12,000 cm2 of surface area; equivalent to 160 T-flasks or 14 roller bottles
  • Entrapped cells protected from impeller shear and gas bubbles
  • Reduced lag time: adherent cells attach more quickly compared to conventional microcarriers
  • No animal-derived compounds
  • Will not leech pyrogens nor bind product
  • Low disposable cost per run
  • Can be validated as a cGMP process in production scale with Fibra-Cel
  • Converts to dedicated mini bioreactor with optional headplate and sensors for pH and DO

Fibra-Cel Increases Yields up to 10-Fold Over Microcarriers

Increased Productivity for a multitude of Cell Lines
If you're looking for increases in protein yields with big savings in time and labor, you'll be excited about the Spinner Basket, a low cost development tool designed for high density cell culture. With Fibra-Cel, a unique support matrix, this spinner can produce record yields of secreted proteins with less time and effort than ever before. Fibra-Cel disks are a major improvement over microcarriers, and can be used with all types of mammalian cells including suspension cultures.

Advantages of Cell Immobilization
The Spinner Basket combines the advantages of immobilized cell technology with the simplicity of the Spinner Flask. Conventional Spinners are unable to retain cells during exchange of media. In addition, cell cartridges and other immobilization devices have been inherently expensive and complex to operate and control. But with the use of Fibra-Cel, the Spinner Basket now brings a high level of efficiency to the production of secreted proteins while lowering the associated disposable costs.

Longer Cultivation Times Now Possible
The use of cell immobilization in the Sinner Basket enables cells to be cultivated for 30 days and more in a shear-free environment. Suspension hybridomas can now be cultured for long periods as they continue to produce their secreted antibody without the need for passing the cells each time media is exchanged. As a result, the Spinner Basket is a very productive tool for producing diagnostic antibodies while saving labor and time. Anchorage-dependent cell lines strongly attach to the polyester fibers where they can be continuously cultured in serum-free media as they secrete the desired recombinant protein. Media optimization studies can now be performed with less effort, more confidence and lower costs.

Fibra-Cel (A new support system for mammalian cells)
The use of Fibra-Cel in the Spinner Basket is the key ingredient for successful cell entrapment, growth, and product yield. Fibra-Cel's high surface area to volume ratio and exceptionally low pressure drop make it unique when compared to other known solid support growth matrices. It is a disk wafer composed of two pure materials; polyester and polypropylene. No other compounds are incorporated. The cells grow three-dimensionally between or attached to the 15 micron polyester fibers while polypropylene provides a support function only. Adherent cells attach to the polyester fibers while suspension cells are entrapped between the fibers. Fibra-Cel disks are electrostatically charged, similar to plastic tissue culture ware, strongly binding suspension cells to the fibers.

Extensive Surface Area
Fibra-Cel provides a maximum of 12,000 cm
2 of surface area which is equivalent to 160 T-flasks or 14 roller bottles. When packed inside the Spinner Basket it only occupies 10% of the bed space, allowing for 90% void volume. This enables high cross-sectional liquid flow rates through the bed producing efficient mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen at high cell densities.

Successful Scale-up
The cell immobilization technology employed in the Spinner Basket has been successfully used in larger production scale bioreactors. The low pressure drop across the disk bed at high cell densities (10
8 per cm3) differentiates Fibra-Cel from other traditional growth matrices. High mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen are continuously maintained to support high producing viable cultures. Many biopharmaceutical companies are using Fibra-Cel in processes that will be validated under cGMP conditions.