Bioreactor & Fermentor


DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor

Eppendorf DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems은 소규모 구성에서 최상의 Bioprocess 성능을 보장합니다.
확장형 모니터링 및 제어 기능으로 사용자가 경제적인 방식으로 유효하고 재현 가능한 결과를 도출할 수 있습니다.
모듈형 디자인으로 다양한 Cell Culture 및 미생물 실험의 고유한 요구사항을 충족합니다.

  • Parallel operation of up to 16 glass or single-use bioreactors
  • DASGIP Bioblock for advanced and user-friendly temperature control
  • Suitable for cell culture and microbial fermentation
  • Modular design of control units allows for flexible system configurations that meet the demands of specific applications
  • Control of agitation, pH, level, and DO (including customizable cascade modes) in each bioreactor
  • Variable speed pumps for accurate liquid addition and operation in batch, fed-batch, continuous, and cyclic perfusion mode
  • Optical absorbance measurement for online calculation of e.g. OD600 or cell dry weight
  • TMFC individual gas mixing of air, N2, O2 and CO2
  • Online calculation of OTR, CTR and RQ
  • DASware control software for advanced process control
  • Compatible with DASware Software Suite for interconnectivity and bioprocess information management